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TinHat fiction and commentary, plus archived security articles.



Dead Pan and Joe Progress. A modern satire. Now available for free in ePub format.

Short stories (also satirical).

Breach Child - a small child finds a hacking program on his father's laptop, and uses it to good effect.

Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Infernal Paperclip - even Sherlock can't cope with computers and Microsoft's annoying help assistant.

Snow White Remix - with seven dwarfs on hand, she can clearly profit from producing the wrong kind of website.

Glossary - of rare technical terms.

Epublishing and Ebooks

A series of articles on the ebook business.

Introduction to ebooks, inpired by news that Sony has developed a new hand-held ebook reader.

For customers, a view on the temporary nature of ebooks, mainly caused by copy protection (DRM).

Digital Rights Management (DRM) from an epublisher's perspective.

What can epublishers learn from digital music downloads?

Details about how the Apple FairPlay music system works. It's very similar to copy protection (DRM) for ebooks.

Thoughts on The Future for the ebook industry.

Old Tinhat

Privacy and Security Archives, aimed at regular internet users. This was the main theme of the site back in 2000, and most of the material here is archived from that time.

For a list of security articles visit Tinhat Sitemap/Search

Internet Basics

0How the Internet works (Jellybeans in the park)

0Getting the most out of search engines

Mobile Web

TinHat UK Mobile Web Directory (Beta)
Directory in XHTML format for modern phones (and regular browsers)
Directory in WAP format for older phones

The 4 best things I've read on the Web

Kurt Vonnegut on the end of the American Dream, Cold Turkey.

Cory Doctorow on Digital Rights Management, a presentation to Microsoft's Research Group.

Bill Joy of Sun Microsystems on intelligent machines, Why the future doesn't need us.

Steve Silberman on autism in Silicon Valley, The Geek Syndrome.

Digital Literature

A few recommendations:

Quality fiction from Andrew Vachss. Mystery style, includes a free novel and short stories.

Open or Wrapped, An excellent story about the goings on in a chip-shop, on the fine East of the Web short stories site.

Choosing Between, a puzzling but fascinating recollection of childhood by Thaddeus Rutkowski, from Small Spiral Notebook.

When my father woke in the morning and saw that the television was on, he said to my siblings and me, “Turn off the idiot box! Get outside and do something!”

Will digital literature go mainstream? Unfortunately the author of this journalistic piece doesn't know the answer, but at least they're asking the question.


London Walks escorted by blue-badge guide Dylan William.

A memorial site for Sergeant John Barnes.