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"There is no such thing as market timing"

Tinhat is dedicated to no such thing. It's an attempt to assess the risk-on risk-off tides of the global stock market.

Thursday 26 Feb

Slow top. We've passed the danger days of Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 Feb. We probably won't top now until early March, and it will probably be a gentle top. I no longer expect a major fall in March, just a minor one. The waterfall should wait until late April. My Tick indicator has turned bearish but the markets can still stay up for weeks. I wouldn't be surprised if SPX reaches 2140 for the true top, and of course Nasdaq 5000.

Monday 23 Feb

Mildly bullish. The trend is bullish but we get danger days on Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 Feb. There is a risk we finally reach a proper top early this week and in cyclic terms we're ready for one.

Wednesday 18 Feb

Topping. It could be immediate or it could wait until Wednesday 25 Feb. NYSE Tick is clearly topping. It's very unlikely that global indices will go higher. Any rise should be insignificant. The precise shape of the top isn't showing in the crystal ball. Currently I think it won't be sharp and sudden. I still have lots of indicators that haven't yet turned bearish and I'll become more enthusiastic about the fall as these successively turn down.

Thursday 12 Feb

Final flourish. Could be a week of fairly bullish action here. But it's fragile and would be aborted by any significant news event. The true top could be as late as Feb 24. Breadth is poor and not supporting the bullish action, so the down that follows could be serious. The later we wait for the down, the less serious it's likely to be. We might have to wait until late April for a proper waterfall.

Wednesday 11 Feb

Topping. Maybe not immediately, it could last up to a week and take the form of a final flourish. This time I don't think the top will merely be a range high, it's likely to be more serious. Undercurrents are starting to look bearish. The past few weeks trapped in a range will have put most traders to sleep. Soon it will be time for their alarms to go off. Shanghai could lead us all down. The actual top may not be dramatic. The true drama might wait until we reach the range bottom and break through it. That could be weeks away. By then I will be far more confident about the outcome. I expect to go short just after the true top, whenever that announces itself in the coming days.

Monday 9 Feb

Unclear. We are topping but so far it only looks like a range high. Many of the undercurrents remain positive. Currently I see only a range-pattern move down with a recovery to come in a few days.

Thursday 5 Feb

Possible top here. This is likely to be more of a major top compared to recent highs. We still need confirmation. Over the next few days I'll be looking for confirmation of a proper top rather than the range highs we've had recently.

Wednesday 4 Feb

Unclear. We've had a bullish few days, but the US is now overbought and will at least slow down. The cycles are now so confused that I'm no longer sure this is a topping process. There's a chance of a decent bullish few weeks. But in the medium term I would expect that to be a final flourish before a fall. This is conjecture as my cyclic approach is not helpful at the moment. We're recently been following the cycle of NYSE Advancing Issues very closely, and that's usually a bearish sign for the medium term. The big question is whether we continue to follow NYADV or get a final flourish before we start the proper down. The route won't be clear for a few days.

Monday 2 Feb

Unclear. Friday's fall did not turn all my indicators bearish. A few are still holding out bullish. It's possible that a major downturn has already begun, but I don't have confirmation for that, so I'm still waiting. There is also a chance we bottom right here. I hate it when I read other commentators saying we could go up or down from here, so I don't like saying it myself, but there it is. Whatever the market is doing right now, it's not doing it with conviction. I slightly favour a recovery here and continuation of the topping pattern, but that's only a mild preference.

Thursday 29 Jan

Topping process. There should still be a recovery period to come within the current chop before a proper down starts. I donít know the exact timing or the levels, merely that we have one more move up to make before we can start falling heavily. It might only be a slight rise. We may even have seen the true top in terms of market highs, but we should see at least a slight positive move before the real fall begins. Also Wednesday was a strong down day and itís unlikely that Thursday will be the same. Itís possible that we only get one dayís respite, as the undercurrents are now quite negative.

Looking at the longer term charts I think weíve now started on a long term bear market with lower highs and lower lows lasting more than a year, assuming the Fed doesnít step in. We may crash heavily through February or it could be April before the waterfall begins.

Wednesday 28 Jan

Still a topping process. The US fall on Tuesday is unlikely to have marked a true US top, as there are still positive undercurrents, for example in Tick and small caps. For European stocks there's a higher chance that a top may have formed yesterday, but it's not yet clear. For the markets in general it's most likely that we're still in the choppy area of a topping process rather than at the true top.

Tuesday 27 Jan

Possible topping process. There is still a mild positive undercurrent but it's very weak. Greece voted anti-austerity but I don't think that's a huge big deal. Maybe a few months down the line it might be an issue, but not yet. The markets could spend weeks stuck in a topping process or an event could trigger them to fall. Currently it's unclear and there is still a chance of a slow grind up, so I'm not short yet. Most international markets are now aligned at relatively high levels in terms of their cycles.

How deep will the next fall be? It's earnings season which is always dangerous, plus there are some bad patterns in breadth, for example the last NYSI peak was below 500, and SPXA200R has formed a pennant. So the next fall has a higher than average chance of turning into something serious. Certainly I expect to play it.

Monday 26 Jan

Mild positive trend. While it's positive it's quite feeble. My guess is we form a topping formation over the coming week. This positive trend isn't strong enough to play. The QE announced by the ECB last week was big but greatly weakened by the lack of shared risk. It may paper over the cracks for a while or it may not. Certainly it will allow EU countries to monetise their debt for half a year or so. Is that enough? I think the markets are unsure. The impact of this QE will be nothing like as great as the US QE that preceded it. We should see some good cyclic patterns emerging soon, starting with a good top and playable fall. But for the past few weeks the cycles have been weak and unplayable.

Tuesday 20 Jan

Waiting. It's all down to the ECB announcement on Thursday. In advance of that announcement there are almost no cyclic patterns. Or what little we have is positive. I believe a high level of European QE is already priced into the market, so a feeble announcement would take us down.

Monday 19 Jan

Unclear. Last Thursday we bottomed and Friday we recovered, at least from a North American perspective. The markets recently have not been coordinated, with US falling while the DAX rose. We have heavy European politics this week with the ECB QE announcement on 22nd and Greek elections on 25th. It's still a puzzle why the US did so consistently badly last week. Normally I would now expect two or three weeks of bullishness but we do not have the standard patterns for a full accumulation phase following a bottom. There are some negative patterns that we still need to break. My best guess is we zigzag for about two weeks and form a proper top in early February.

Wednesday 14 Jan

Neutral. Yesterday was another bad day for the US indices. I have plenty of indicators saying we're already in a bear phase, but a couple of important ones are missing, particularly Tick. I shall wait for this important indicator because until it gives a signal there is still a chance of quick recovery and a bull phase. The European Court of Justice has given an interim green light for some form of ECB QE. On the 22nd we shall see what form that takes, and how much help it gives to peripheral EU states, which are the ones in need.

Tuesday 13 Jan

Neutral (trend). Frankly my cyclic approach to the markets isn't all that useful at the moment. Cyclically the markets should be rising, and they're not. And they cannot be argued with. So I am standing aside and waiting for the cyclic top. At that point we will have a cyclic downtrend in an already weak market, and that should give excellent opportunities on the short side. But we're not quite there yet.

Monday 12 Jan

Bullish (trend). Despite the drop on Friday I still see a bull market for the next seven trading days. On the other hand I don't have sufficient confidence to play it. We are lining up for a significant bear phase within weeks and that bear should be more playable than the up phase that precedes it. I still expect a top around 20/21 January, and at that point the markets may be only one or two percent higher than they are now. The Greek elections on 25 January are far more important than how they're being portrayed in the mainstream media. If Syriza wins then a dangerous game of bluff with creditors will follow. If you understand the Greek people then you know this is true. Also I'm continually astounded by mainstream media reports that the ECB will launch full QE and buy government debt (ECB meets on 22 Jan). If you understand the German people then you know this is false. I assume this false reporting on both counts is intended to inflate stock prices.

Oil remains a wildcard and a continued deterioration in prices could bring the global market top closer. If oil falls early in the coming week then I'm not sure I'll get to see seven bullish days.

Friday 9 Jan

Bullish (trend). For the past three weeks I've not been able to read anything from Tick, which is probably my favourite indicator. Finally it's starting to say something. And what I believe it's saying is that over the Christmas period we had an extended double bottom lasting three weeks. The recent bottom on the 7th was wholly connected with the bottom on December 16. The peak between the two wasn't much more than noise. If this reading is correct then we are now in a safe bull period through the rest of January. I need a few more days of strong Tick to confirm this interpretation. If it's true then it will negate a lot of bearish trendlines and they will easily be broken as stocks rise. I'm not expecting a top until the end of the month.

I'm abandoning the theoretical connection with oil prices. Oil showed weakness yesterday while stocks were strong. TRIN finished very low yesterday so there is a chance that today the US market starts artificially low.

Thursday 8 Jan 2015

The bounce came a day later (yesterday) than expected. It also came without the usual pre-bottom signals, so in that sense it was unusual. I believe the bounce is wholly associated with the recovery in oil prices, though I can't prove this. Certainly it varied in strength during the day in line with oil prices. So far the bounce hasn't proved itself, it's weak. Today we find out whether it has any strength. My expectation is that this recovery is short-lived. I'm not expecting it to continue beyond Opex+3 (21st). I have not gone long though I might do so if I see enough strength.

Monday 5 Jan 2015

Mild up (trend). We're in a relatively tricky phase, many of my bear indicators are now active, but the recent few days down have been on low holiday volume. Plus if we had reached a top then it would have been very sudden, too sudden. On balance, I think the big bear that's around the corner will be delayed by one or two weeks. A lot of retail punters want to see a new SPX high and the big boys who control the market have no reason to disappoint them. A small rise at this stage would be a good way to collect sucker money. The only problem is that in terms of breadth the market is now itching to go down, so any rising trend will be very short term and might not reach its target.

In the medium term (weeks) there is strong downward pressure from the 200 day participation indices (such as SPXA200R) and margin debt, which is faltering around a high. Most cyclic breadth indices (such as ITBMNYA) are at a high and ready to come down. Also we haven't yet seen the full post QE3 fall that we have every right to expect. We are set up for a fall. In terms of timing Q4 earnings season would be ideal, starting mid-January.

Friday 2 Jan

Down (trend). This top is surprising me. It's very sudden and most of our recent tops have been slow. But I can't discount the fact that many of my bear indicators are now active. Yet volume is low, due to the holidays. I'm left with a down phase that I have no faith in, at least not yet. So I have not gone short. I'm certainly thinking about it.

Wednesday was an extreme down day so Friday is unlikely to be as powerful, more of a recovery day.

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