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"Your data has a social life too"

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"It won't stop a bullet, but I still feel safer wearing it"




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Archived material from 2000

As private as a postcard
Safe procedures for email
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Privacy through encryption

Monitoring by authorities
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Reading email headers
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What hackers do
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What every Web site can find out about you
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Internet access
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Monitoring your Internet activity
Code-breaking encrypted messages
"Echelon" world-wide surveillance
Eavesdropping mobile calls
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Computer bugs & holes
Security holes
Improving your security
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Aureate and Radiate

How safe is it to shop online?
Personal data - who knows about you?

Security tips
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Sexual harassment online
Avoiding harassment
Dealing with harassment
Reading full email headers
Complaining to an ISP about harassment

How safe is it to bank online?

Mobile phones
Your personal tracking beacon

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