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Free satire eBook

Now available in ePub format

This is one of the first independently published novels in ePub/OPS (Open Publication Structure) format. June 2008. Actually it's one of the first, period. Many publishers are talking about publshing ePub books, but they're still waiting for reliable conversion software. This one is hand-coded. Yes, it took me a while. Anyway, here it is. Dead Pan and Joe Progress as a free ePub novel 135 kB. You can open it in Firefox with the Openberg Lector plugin, or with Adobe Digital Editions, or download it to your computer and transfer it to a handheld device.

Because it's a new format, you may experience some download difficulties. If you do then here's an alternative zipped .epub, which can by unzipped to reveal the .epub file inside.

Dead Pan and Joe Progress is also available for download as a free .lit eBook (250 kB) for Microsoft Reader.

Here's an experiment. Mobipocket format. Download in .prc format for Mobipocket 175 kB. This is similar to the .mobi format. I believe this version should be readable on an Amazon Kindle.

The novel is a short satire on modern life, especially genetic modification, celebrity, corporate domination, and religion. The god Pan comes to Earth and because he's half-goat he's mistaken for a GM organism. He stars on TV, lives with Buddha in Cricklewood, north London, and struggles against a corporation that owns the patent on any human-goat mix of genes.

You can also read the entire novel online. Each chapter is in XHTML format, suitable for computers and a wide range of handheld devices. The combined filesize of all the chapters is less than 300 kB.

Alternatively you can download the book in PDF, Word Doc, and Text formats here.

Copyright is retained by the author. Enjoy.